Over the past 27 years Hamden Rotary Club Tours has built an outstanding reputation based on the excellent quality and value of its tours. Equally important to me, is the long standing tradition of supporting Rotary Projects around the world. Come join the thousands who have traveled to previous  Rotary Conventions on Hamden Rotary Club Tours. What could be more exciting than celebrating Rotary’s work with friends from around the globe at the 109th Annual Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada as well as embarking on either our unforgettable pre-convention tour across Canada by rail or our post-convention tour exploring the magnificent cultural and historical sites in Eastern Canada?

Every tour includes simultaneous registration for the Rotary International Convention and your chosen Hamden Tour, document delivery right to your Convention Hotel, and a list of substantial amenities that make our tours different than the rest.

I am pleased to once again be joining tour founder, Woody Hoyt, in planning these top quality tours, bringing my long association and experience with these programs to Hamden Rotary Club Tours.

We look forward to your company, and to providing you with the best pre and post convention tours.

Enjoy Rotary!

Marc J. Bokoff, President Bokoff Tour & Travel, LLC

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